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Anthony Kerr - End Game Terry Pack Group Anthony Kerr - Too Marvellous for Words Peter Falkner - As It Happens oferenda Monica Vasconcelos Field of Blue Wigger
Mike Reinstein John Miller - If I Had Wings Then I Would Fly John Miller - Preference John Miller - Junk Food Josefina Cupido - One Woman One Drum Kick Horns Steve Lodder - bout time 2
Mike Reinstein Kelvin Christiane Althea Ifeka Kelvin Christiane Spa Elephant Kelvin Christiane - Pleiadan Tales

hand picked cds for sale
artists include Steve Lodder, Elephant, Monica Vasconcelos,
Josefina Cupido, John Miller, Sulis, Spa, Jamie Crawford, Peter Falkner, Kelvin Christiane,
Jacqui Dankworth, Harvey Brough, Fourth Door Review.

Elephant III (on the cdvine label)
Elephant III: The Eastcote Sessions
Jamie Crawford (Sussex based story teller) (also on the cdvine label)
Stories: Jamie Crawford
Kelvin Christiane (KCMusic)
Pleiadan Tales
Parisian summer
Piper at the Pearly Gates
Best of Unit 5
Universal Peace Suite
Red Dawn
Salute The Sun
Heaven Is Now
Tribute to Roland Kirk
Live At The Six
Great Spirit
Mike Reinstein
More To Be Revealed
The Blewdle
The Tommy Tomato Songbook
Terry Pack Group
What Happens Now
Timothy Roberts
Santiago de Compostela (temporarily out of stock)
Farnaby - Farnaby's dreame (temporarily out of stock)
Susanne un jour (temporarily out of stock)
pocketful of song
Jonathan Hayward and Abigail Brown Children's songs and lullabies from around Europe.
Althea Ifeka (oboe)
From Leipzig to London
Dogs Don't Have Uncles
Steve Lodder
"bout time 2"
SPA (Simon Toulson-Clarke, Phil Brown and Alastair Gavin)

John Miller
Junk Food (first version)
Love, And Other, Songs
A Philosopher Looks At Science
Junk Food
The Painswick Tapes Volume 1
The Painswick Tapes Volume 2
The Painswick Tapes Volume 3
The Painswick Tapes Volume 4
Fragment of Pork
Ornamental Balustrade
Approval 1
Approval 2
Approval 3
Good Luck and Goodbye
If I Had Wings, Then I Would Fly
I Was Born A Baby/Sing It To Her
I'm So Happy/Wait For The Sun
Raw Music

Nóis - Mônica Vasconcelos
Nóis Dois
Kick Horns
The Other Foot
Anthony Kerr
The End Game
Now Hear This
First Cry
Harvey Brough
Field of Blue
Field of Blue | still

Josefina Cupido
One Woman One Drum
Peter Falkner
As It Happens

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