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Simon Toulson-Clark singer/songwriter/producer - lead singer and songwriter of Red Box, hit songs include Lean on Me and For America. Recently composed for Jasper Conran fashion shows. Phil Brown engineer/producer - credits include Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Rober Palmer - recently Dido, Crispian Mills, Faithless and Marti Pellow Alastair Gavin keyboardist/composer/arranger - credits include M-People, The Pogues, Baba Maal, Paul McCartney, John Harle, The Michael Nyman Band. Keyboards presenter on BBC TV's Rockschool II. Currently, Mamma Mia! and Lion King in the West End, and compositions for Chappells Recorded Music Library A unique musical exploration with powerful songs and richly atmospheric instrumental textures recorded over a three year period and dedicated to the memory of the great American comedian Bill Hicks.

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Spa is Simon Toulson-Clarke, Phil Brown and Alastair Gavin

in memory of Bill Hicks

  1. Made in Heaven
  2. It Looks Like Rain
  3. Fellow Ship of Man
  4. I've Had You All
  5. Nice Nice Nice
  6. Reprise
  7. Just a Ride
  8. Chemical Chance
  9. DNA
  10. Wing
  11. Hog Heaven
  12. Well
  13. Christians Who Kill

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