Stories: Jamie Crawford

All the stories here are retellings of traditional tales. That means they have been told down the centuries, passed on from one generation to the next and no-one quite knows where they first came from. So in a sense they belong to everyone, and if you hear a story you like you are welcome to tell it yourself. However, it is considered respectful to acknowledge where you got it from, which is why I am providing these notes on my sources for this collection.

The Magic Box

This is one of my all-time favourites. Like the smallest box itself, it has all the wonder of a great story packed into a tiny space.

Three Wishes

An old favourite among storytellers, this story, like the one above and several below, is found in various versions across Europe (and sometimes beyond).
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Issun Boshi

This Japanese Tom Thumb is for all us shorties. Little people of the world stand up for yourselves!

Jack and the Mermaid

I heard this from my storytelling friend Pat Bowen and I think she got it from the grandfather of British storytelling, Duncan Williamson.
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Dauntless Little Joan

This version of a widely told tale is based largely on Italo Calvino's. Just as he changed it in writing it down, so I have changed it again in my retelling. With thanks to the children of Broadfield East Junior School, Crawley.
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Magic Box Reprise

Finally, I would like to thank all those whom I have not mentioned here who have helped and influenced my storytelling over the years.


All the music on this cd is original, composed and performed by Paul Nieman. Paul also produced the cd.

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